Welcome post :)

Welcome post :)

Hello everybody!

My name is Maxim, I am the Executive director of PVP Studio. For more than 2 years, we have been creating vector illustrations and making money on copyright by selling licenses all over the world.

We are launching a project where you can order a vector illustration from us with out prepayment and pay for it what you want (PWYW). But let me give you a little background.

Initially, PVP Studio did not draw for clients. We were looking for subjects for our future illustrations based on various statistics. Then we distributed our illustrations through various agencies. It's the client who decided whether to buy a license for illustrations or not. We never worked directly with clients.  This gave creative freedom.  The entire team devoted themselves entirely to illustration.

From the very first days of PVP Studio, we knew that we could combine our work and client's wishes. But it was important to retain our freedom, as this is what makes the work really interesting and creative.

It became obvious that you need to collect clients’ wishes and make a product based on them. If the subject and the client's request are relevant, we can make this illustration, and earn money from it (as we did before by licensing it). And the client will get the product they need and that fully meets their requirements.

We decided to allow the clients to pay, but the following questions arose:

How much do we want to get? How much does the client want to pay?  What is the market price?

It was a little bold, but it was quite obvious to give the client the opportunity to evaluate our work and pay the amount in which they would appreciate the illustration and our level of professionalism. (PWYW Pay what you want.)

Moreover, 50% of the money that the client pays will go to charity. Our team will buy a book with each paid illustration and send it to children around the world.

As a result, we managed to:

  • improve the product by making it closer to the clients requirements
  • give a client the opportunity to pay a convenient price
  • give a client the opportunity to give the book to a child
  • retain creative freedom and maintain a favorable working environment
  • increase the yield from illustration

Friends, I'm not saying goodbye:) In the coming days, we will tell you in detail about the books that we sent to children, share interesting solutions and discoveries, and tell you about our mission and goals. We will open the curtain of PVP Studio, so that you can get to know us better, and vice versa:) Leave your comments and welcome!


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